The Best Things To Do in Charleston South Carolina

Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina which means that it is full of things to do. The problem you might face when visiting is knowing where to go and what to see. There are some attractions that you need to take the time to visit while in Charleston.

The Magnolia Plantation And Gardens

The Magnolia Plantation is one of the oldest plantations still standing in the South and was founded in 1676 by the Drayton family. The beautiful gardens in the plantation have been open to public viewing since 1870 and are truly worth a visit. The plantation itself has been restored to the original state from before the Civil War and the house is now a museum.

The museum has a mixture of interpretive and interactive programs that showcase the African-American history of the plantation including slavery and subsequent freedom. There is also a marsh boat tour which takes you through the waterways around the house. The gardens have many beautiful collections that you can look at as well as a bird observation tower.

Waterfront Park

If you love water, you need to take a trip to Waterfront Park. This park is one of the peninsula%u2019s most visited and stretches across 1,000 feet along the coast. From the park, you will have stunning views of Charleston Harbor.

The park is dotted with old-fashioned benches where you can sit and watch the sailboats in the harbor. There are also winding walkways that you can meander along and enjoy the many fountains which light up at night. You will not have to worry about getting thirsty at the park because there are drinking fountains and you can even get online with the wireless internet access provided in the park.

The South Carolina Aquarium

While you are around the harbor, you should take the time to visit the South Carolina Aquarium. The aquarium provides a wonderful day of exploration and adventure for the whole family. The aquarium is the home to over 10,000 different marine animals and plants from deals to seahorses.

The aquarium does not only have a large number of exhibits and displays, there are also interactive dive shows and animal programs. You can also join one of the conservation workshops that are regularly held. The Great Ocean Tank is worth visiting as it spans 2 floors of the aquarium and is home to 700 sea creatures including a range of sharks and stingrays.